Locally grown produce at a school collaboration

JFK Hive/Garden Group:

Kim McHenry: kmchenry@southingtonschools.org

Kara Sievel: ksievel@southingtonschools.org

Matt Gualtieri: mgualtieri@southingtonschools.org 


JAD Middle School:

 Erin Bard: ebard@southingtonschools.org

Nicole Flanagan: nflanagan@southingtonschools.org

Janine Mangassarian: jmangassarian@southingtonschools.org 



Alta School:

Contact the principal, Jessie Levin: JLEVIN@southingtonschools.org


South End School:

Marion Virello: MVIRELLO@southingtonschools.org


Derynoski School:

Jenn Humphrey: JHUMPHREY@southingtonschools.org

Michelle Marchese: michemosh@gmail.com


Thalberg School:

Linda Reilly: LBREILLY@southingtonschools.org


Flanders School:

Garden contact information not available at this time.


Plantsville School:

No specific information but they have maintained a garden for a couple of years.


Hatton School:

Information not available a this time.


Kelley School:

Information not available at this time.



John Duffy

PreK-12 Science Curriculum Coordinator

Southington Public Schools




Executive Director, Mark Ramsay



Little children proud of the carrots they grew
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