 I will plant in my bed within two weeks from opening day.

 I will keep all refuse material out of my bed and the area immediately adjacent. Fencing used to confine beds on East St. must be either silver, green or black.

 If I must abandon my bed for any reason I will notify the garden director.

 I will maintain my bed and weed accordingly.

 I understand that all plots will display a green “notice flag”. If my plot becomes unkempt, I understand I will be given a yellow “notice flag” the first week and a red “notice flag” upon the beginning of the second week for non-compliance. Dismissal from the association will result if unresolved by the end of the second week. The Director shall determine the issuance of flags.

 I will participate in the Fall clean-up of the garden.

 I will plant taller crops where they will least likely shade neighboring beds. I will not use trellises, stalks or any other method of vertical growing in the bed exclusive of tomato stakes < 6’ high at the East Street Garden.

 No structures are to be built at either property without permission from the Town.

 I will not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides or weed killers. (Only organic gardening is allowed).

 I acknowledge the importance of volunteering time towards collective community garden efforts.

 I understand that not following the rules will result in my dismissal from the program.

 I understand that neither the garden group nor the Town are responsible for my actions; as such I therefore agree to hold harmless the garden group and the Town of Southington from any liability, loss, damage or claim that occurs in connection with use of the garden by me or any of my guests.

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